Tips for Buying Jumping Castles in Sydney

When throwing a party for friends or family, a jumping castle is a great way to make the event exciting for the little ones. Besides providing the best fun for kids, jumping castles are a fantastic way to keep children fit. In most cases, jumping castles are found in amusement parks. However, you can bring the fun home by purchasing a personal jumping castle. Jumping castles Sydney provides are numerous and vary in their make. They include those of individual, group or commercial play. You can easily get confused when buying a bouncing castle in Sydney. Whether you are buying for personal or commercial use, you want a bouncing castle with proper safety features, ample space and made of quality material. Here are some guidelines to help you buy good qualityjumping castles Sydney offers.


Safety First


Safety is the most important factor to consider when choosing a jumping castle. Choose a castle that provides the safest features for children. Make sure that the castle does not have removable parts; younger children can ingest them. Depending on the number of kids expected to use the castle, the jumping area should be wide enough to catch their fall. Also, make sure that the nets are strong to prevent the kids from falling off.


Size and weight


When you have more than one child using the castle, size is a factor to be considered. And even if you have only one kid, it is good to be philanthropic with your neighbor’s kids. Of course, the size you can choose will also depend on the space available in your space. If the castle is intended for indoor use, look for a short one that can comfortably fit in the house. If you intend to use the castle for commercial use, look for one with a high ceiling and large capacity to allow for maximum movement. The weight and age of children to be using the castle will also determine the choice you make. Most jumping castles have an age limit of 12 years.


Durability and maintenance


You do not want a jumping castle that will wear out within a few months. You need something that will give value for your money. Check the internet for the different types of jumping castles and the type of material they are made of. Make sure that you check their reviews. Those with positive reviews from users can guarantee you of durability. Also, keep in mind that the castle will stay in good order depending on your maintenance level. Ensure that you follow all the manufacturer’s maintenance directions. Find out how the castle is cleaned, stored and mended should it get torn.




Jumping castles Sydney offers are available in variety of styles and features. Keep in mind that the more the features, the better the experience. Some features to look out for include ball pits, turrets and drawbridges. Jumping castles with bright colors, flags on the top and sectioned-off play areas enhance the experience. Stability is of great importance when it comes to jumping castles. Make sure that the castle has a good solid foundation and some anchors.

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