How to Pick the Best Fountain Pen Brand

A fountain pen is almost similar to a dip pen in terms of the way it is used. However, a fountain pen is a more user-friendly pen as it is designed with a reservoir within the pen. Though there are more convenient pens available in the market these days, there are still fountain pens for sale that are used for various business and personal purposes.


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A Little Bit of its History


It was the year 973 when a pen was first mentioned. In the 17th century, a German inventor named Daniel Schwenter made a pen with an ink reservoir inside and was made of two quills. People of long ago found that this type of pen made it easier for them to write without making their hands dirty for dipping the pen into ink bottles.


It was until 1848 that Azel Storrs Lyman made a patent for a fountain pen that can be supplied with ink from the reservoir. Innovations then continued to exist until different variants of fountain pens were also made and patented. Now, buying luxury fountain pen online is already commonplace and more stores are offering fountain pens for sale.


Tips on Buying the Best Brand


For almost a century, fountains pens have always been part of a daily writing job, from writing common notes and grocery lists up to writing about documentable facts and ally agreements. In this modern world, fountain pens still find their place in some classy and corporate writing purposes.


Find out the following things to consider when you buy fountain pen ink online or an actual fountain pen from brick-and-mortar stores.



    • Nib


This is the part of the pen that is used to touch the paper when writing. While gold is made as the primary material for nibs in the past, stainless steel is commonly used today. Consider the tip size (broad and fine) and shape (italic and round) when choosing a fountain pen. It is through this classification you can determine the strokes and legibility of your penmanship.


    • Reservoir


This part is found inside the fountain pen and is the part where you fill in the ink. Consider the filling system used in refilling the ink in your fountain pen, either in cartridges, converters or through pipettes.


    • Feed and the body design


The feed is the most important part of a fountain pen as this determines the path where the ink passes from the reservoir going to the nib. This one also made an important part of the body of the pen.


When choosing fountain pens for sale, consider the body design as well. Though it may not matter a lot on the quality of output, however, it can contribute to the convenience of your grip. Consider at least the four major things when choosing a body design. These are the size, weight, material, and style.


Buy the Brand that Fits Your Style


Of all the fountain pen brands that are sold in the market nowadays, there are those that are made of lightweight material and with ergonomic designs. You can try to buy Clairefontaine Notebooks and other useful writing hobby tools at the Notedian or at other online stores to get the best fountain pen for your writing needs! Check out

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