What NOT to Do When Getting a Skylight

Are you looking for an eco-friendly way to brighten up a drab or dark room in your home? Then, you should hire a professional to install a skylight or two. This might seem like a simple idea but many people actually commit some common mistakes when it comes to choosing the right contractor or sky light Melbourne has. For an installation with no regrets, be sure to avoid the following blunders:

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· Plugging the ventilation holes during installation. If there is but one rule of thumb you should follow during a skylight installation, it is ensuring proper ventilation. Hence, opt for a ventilated type. Better yet, use one that can be opened with a crank or by electronic remote. Just get skylight covers to go with it for added protection from the elements.

· Adding a skylight when your roof is badly worn. The already poor condition of your roof will only go from bad to worse with the addition. It’s better to wait until you’ve had your roof replaced. Besides, a skylight is best installed during a roof replacement.

· Not getting your sidewalls or attic insulated. This is especially if you’re tunnelling from ceiling to roof. If you’re aiming to get ventilation to eliminate or reduce condensation, these are not the right places for that. These are, in fact, the worst places you can let air in your home. Foam-seal and insulate all of those gaps surrounding your sky light Melbourne.


· Getting a plastic single-glazed type. An insulated skylight will always be better than the kind with only one layer of protection. Glass is also preferable over plastic as it insulates better. It might be costlier but it can be worth the energy savings.

· Choosing a poor location for your skylight. If possible, you should install those skylights and roof windows Melbourne has on the north side. While this might exacerbate your condensation problems, it won’t lead to heat gain, especially during the summer.

· Attempting DIY without enough knowledge. Unless you have prior experience, you should leave this task to the experts like Custom Skylights Melbourne. Don’t assume that a skylight is just a window in your ceiling; its installation can be a lot more complicated than that.

· Buying according to the price tag. While it’s important to set a budget, you should be careful not to purchase a product that is of low quality. In the same way that there are different types of VELUX windows with varying prices, there are also different skylights. If what you want from a certain provider is too pricey, consider a different type rather than find another provider which sells a cheaper variant of lower quality.

When installing a sky light Melbourne has some of the best options for every home. Just be sure to avoid the blunders stated above and hire a professional contractor to handle the job. Custom Skylights Melbourne is a great example of an expert worth working it. They have been manufacturing natural lighting solutions for more than 25 years.

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