Attractive Timber Fencing for your Property

Fences enclose any area by surrounding it on all sides and are an attractive alternative to walls. Nowadays, there are many fencing options available which make use of metal or timber. Timber fencing is very popular because it gives a stylish and classic look. The pinelap fencing Perth companies offer uses treated pine and overlapping palings which strengthen the fence and reduce noise.

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The benefits of pinelap fencing

Timber fencing is highly durable and gives a natural look. It is eco-friendly as it makes use of wood, which is recyclable, instead of metal. It can be installed in any area be it plain, sloped or uneven. The pinelap fencing Perth companies provide can be built up to a height of 2.4 metres so that you can get complete privacy. These fences also act as windbreaks or heat-reflectors so that the climate within the enclosed area remains controlled. They are very resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Various uses of fences

Fences have multiple uses. The pinelap fencing Perth companies offer can be used for home and garden fencing, school fencing, pool fencing, security fencing as well as commercial fencing. These fences can be used as field or drive gates, garden gates and for agricultural fencing and riding arenas. The Perth pinelap fencing serves as a cheaper substitute for retaining walls. The treated wood is resistant to termites and rotting and lasts for up to fifteen years. Visit us at Simply Fencing

The process of installing pinelap fences

Timber fences are relatively easier to install compared to metal fences. Pinelap fencing in Perth is done by first clearing the area on which the fence is to be built. Then the moisture content and absorption of the area are examined to check how much of protective finish needs to be applied to protect the fence. The site is inspected and the border is set up to avoid neighbouring disputes.

After everything is decided, the fencing work begins. First digging of the ground is done to place the finishing posts on both ends. The posts are set up to the height required by the client. Then a string is tied between the fences to maintain the height of the intermediate posts. After this, the intermediate posts are installed equidistantly. Panel length varies according to fence length. After the panels are installed with concrete deep into the ground, final aligning of the posts and panels are done to give a clean finish. The application of protective finish during the time of installation and at regular intervals after the installation helps to protect the fence from wet and dry rot and increases the longevity of the fence.


Fencing is an easy way to protect your property. It includes various styles like paling, board or corral, picket, channel, lattice and trellis to make the same old boring fence attractive. You can get free quotes and browse through options like the cheap pinelap fencing Perth companies offer by visiting websites likeĀ if you are planning to get a fence built around your property.

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